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Here is the path we passed through the river and were born again:

Version 0.2.0

Codename: Freedom

This version was released on 30 Sept 2022 and is dedicated to Iran and Iranian people.


  • Release the project's official Docker image.
  • Implement project-level tests and integrate pytest.
  • Implement a way to develop third-party loaders and executors.
  • Standardize all Base classes.


  • Fix Terraform outputs parsing issue.


  • Implement a way to take complete control of available entities of Terraform codes.

Version 0.1.1

Codename: Shadowman

This version was released on 31 July 2022, and it was a critical patch to address the Terraform resource parsing issue. This issue happened because I hadn't implemented any tests for the framework. That's all things about this patch release.

Version 0.1.0

Codename: Shadowman

This is the first version of the TF2 project, released on 30 July 2022. I released the first acceptable version on a Saturday evening. This version supports both Policy-as-Code and End-to-End Tests features. Hello World, My name is TF2, and I'm a unified test framework for Terraform. You can install me with the pip install tf2project command.